Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Simply Fun

I knew that I would be able to cut out quilts this past weekend but really wanted to finish a top before I did that. The quilt I chose to finish was Glad Creations Simply Fun. The color inspiration was from a customer at Glads. She used some of these fabrics and I simply had to build on them and do a quilt myself. Choosing fabric is a bit of an addiction. It looks like Christmas and is gorgeous.
I was able to cut out 4 quilts. I used a tall table so my back wouldn't hurt. My arms were a bit sore but that was more because I shoveled the snow.
Just finished crunching my numbers for my tax appointment and now I'm rewarding myself with sewing.


Nathan Carter said...

You quilt is beautiful! I knew it would be.

Cheri Dawn said...

Great job, Debbie! I can't believe you cut out that many quilts at one time AND shoveled snow. I love your new quilt!