Sunday, December 14, 2008

My companion quilts are ready for the quilter

My mom always said don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today and I have to agree. When I get a bill I pay it, when clothes get dirty I wash them and so on. I usually deal with things right away. This month I found out it is possible to complete a quilt top in 9 days and then prepare backs for 2. I found this out because I waited until the last minute to do my companion quilts.
Now I can get ready for my dinner party tomorrow night for 10. I'll take the quilts to my quilter on Tuesday and hopefully have them back by Christmas. Then I've got some major stitching to do to get them ready for the quilt show at Glad Creations on January 1st. Oh and mitering borders is a little putsy but not that bad and it looks so great. So much better than if I had done a reqular border. That was the 1st time I've mitered borders.
You'll be able to see the quilts and many others from Glads staff and friends the 1st 10 days in January. Hope to see you there!

Friday, December 5, 2008

An update since Thanksgiving weekend sewing days

Update my blog or put on make up before I go out the door. I'll do this and put make up on while I drive. Just kidding, that is dangerous.
So last time I wrote I set a goal to finish Blooming 9 Patch and Glad Creations Diamond Dazzler and I'm happy to say they are together and I love them. What fun!
I had my friends Kim, Dimple, Jennifer and Susan over the 2 days after Thanksgiving. We sewed until after midnight both days. Boy have times changed since I was young when I would have been waitressing or partying on Friday and Saturday night. And then of course there were the years that I was up to my eyeballs in babies and diapers. Kim machine quilted 2 baby quilts, Dimple did a bunch of piecing including some really cute pillows, Jennifer finished 7 projects (one panel quilt and one T-shirt quilt that she started during our 2 days - she's really fast) and Susan is a State Fair Grand Champion ribbon winner who does the most amazing needlepoint that I've ever seen.
So now I'm inspired and yesterday I started my 3" 9 patch quilt that I have a quilting day for on December 16th. I intend to finish this for the January 1st staff and friends show at Glad Creations Quilt Shop. Crazy!
And then there are preparations for Christmas!
Thanks Georgia for the reminder and everyone have a day filled with peace and joy!