Sunday, November 16, 2008

I made a blog, I'm in Iowa and I'm using a laptop mouse

This is way beyond my technical knowledge but I used to not know how to quilt and now I can and I'm getting better all the time. And so if I blog I'll get better at that. Eventually there'll be pictures.

In visiting my oldest daughter in Iowa we started talking about facebook and blogging and I said let's create my blog. She was a great help. The last time I used a laptop I couldn't figure out the mouse and now I'm getting the hang of it. She has a roommate with a dog and cat and my daughter has a cat, rabbit and 2 rats. They live in a mobile home and are going to vet school. Even with all the animals it really isn't crowded at all and they all get along marvelously. The 2 cats do dislike each other but they can live together.

My quilting friends and staff at Glad Creations have encouraged me to do this so I'll be talking about quilting. I love to quilt. After piecing many tops but not having anything to show for it, I finally found 2 long arm quilters to quilt my tops and last year completed over 20 quilts.

This year I had total knee replacement and that slowed me down but I'm back and quilting again. My biggest challenge will be to start doing my own machine quilting of my smaller projects.

I just finished piecing a Terry Atkinson Shoebox quilt in a baby quilt size. My next goal is to finish piecing Blooming 9-Patch (all the rows are together) and Glad Creations Diamond Dazzler.

The way I get a lot done is to cut out several quilts at one time and keep my machine set up (yes that leaves a messy area in my home) and work weekly on it. I also like to work fresh in the morning and get the hard things done so that I just have a pile to sew when I might be tired at night or just have a small amount of time here and there.

That's all I have to say for now. We are off to try out a new Mexican restaurant and then we are going to see"Secret Life of Bees." I'll head home tomorrow and will get to do a bit of sewing.


Nathan Carter said...

Welcome to the wacky world of blogging. I like your tips. Can't wait for your next posting!

Cheri Dawn said...

How fun to see you blogging! You go girl.

sjohns said...

Hi, Debbie --
I'm a regular at Glads and a regular reader of the staff blogs. So I welcome you, too. It's fun to read about what you all are doing as quilters in addition to knowing what's new at Glads. Happy Thanksgiving, Debbie.